Thursday, October 3, 2013

Easy DIY colorful chevron abstract art

Here is a easy and unique way to add some color and creativity to your home. I had a lot of inspiration from fellow pinners, and thought why not give it a try! I started out with 4 new canvases, purchased at ACMOORE. Great find at around $2.00 each with a coupon. I than spray painted it with 24karat gold
after the gold paint dried I began to tape it off in the pattern I wanted which was a chevron inspired. and it is plain masking tape!
after taping I used craft store acrylic paint in a few colors of my choice
I let it dry overnight and than removed the tape. I actually changed a couple of the colors after I realized it was not the color scheme I wanted, but here are some pics of the finished products.
and there you have it! Easy colorful art

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